Directorate of Estates and Facilities


We are committed to embedding environmental sustainability within all capital and long term maintenance projects. We have established how we can implement our campus master plan whilst meeting our challenging 40% carbon reduction target.

The Environmental Sustainability Project Tracker and Tracker Lite documents are used by project teams to set and monitor challenging sustainability targets throughout the design process into post occupation.

All new build and refurbishment projects must meet specific targets to ensure environmental sustainability is considered from the outset through to post completion. Alongside this, all projects in the Campus Masterplan have been assigned challenging carbon targets in order to contribute to reductions outlined in the Carbon Management Plan. We have also appointed a framework of Environmental Sustainability Advisors who manage and monitor these targets throughout all major projects.

For more information on the Environmental Sustainability Project Tracker and Tracker Lite documents please contact:

MECD Project

The flagship Manchester Engineering Campus Development provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the University's commitment to Environmental Sustainability, working towards a development which will:

  • Adopt sustainable best practice in design, construction and operation;

  • Create an environment that drives sustainable behaviour in its occupants; and

  • Inspires staff, students and the community as a living lab for sustainability

For more information see the MECD sustainablity website. To follow all the Environmental Sustainability updates see the MECD blog.