Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Sustainable laboratories

The Sustainable Laboratories Working Group, comprising: Academic; Technical; Estates and Facilities and Health and Safety staff meets quarterly to focus on laboratory sustainability issues, driving and promoting best practice for the operation of successful, sustainable and energy efficient labs across the campus.

Members of the group have won awards at a national level, including:

  • 2013 Making a Difference Award Winner: Dr Peter Reid, Senior Research Technician, FLS “Eliminating two outdated hazards from laboratories”;
  • 2013 Laboratory IT Award Winner: Professor Allan Jordan, Head of Chemistry, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, PICR, “Building a Truly Integrated and Efficient Laboratory for Non-for-profit/Academic Drug Discovery – The PICR Experience”.

Lean Labs

The Lean Labs Working group uses the expertise of members of the Sustainable Laboratories Working Group to inform new developments and refurbishments on campus. The group works to establish best practice guidelines for the sustainable design and management of laboratories; this will then inform both capital projects and long term maintenance works at the University.

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