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Business Travel

When travelling on business; public transport, cycling and car sharing are more sustainable options than single occupancy car travel or air travel. Plus, there is also the option of not travelling at all and making use of video or tele conference facilities.

University Electric Pool Car (Nissan Leaf)

The University has a Nissan Leaf pool car available for appropriate business journeys by staff. This high quality vehicle is 100% electric. Here are some of the main benefits of the Leaf:

  • Extremely cheap to run, costing 2p – 4p a mile and car tax is free
  • It can be charged in a normal 3-pin socket or an electric vehicle charging point
  • Smooth, silent and very easy to drive
  • A range of up to 100 miles
  • Zero exhaust/tailpipe emissions
  • Significant carbon reduction compared to petrol and diesel vehicles (reduction varies due to how the electricity is produced)

All staff using the Nissan Leaf for University business:

  1. must comply with the H&S Driving at Work Arrangements (including completing the Driver Approval Form) (link to document in the download section to the right).
  2. are responsible for complying with all aspects of road traffic law and are personally liable for any penalties or convictions incurred as a result of failing to abide by the law.
  3. are expected to have a general level of awareness of road safety issues to demonstrate safe driving behaviours.
  4. must hold a valid full UK drivers licence or EU equivalent licence to demonstrate they are competent to drive the class of vehicle being used for University business.
  5. report any vehicle accidents or incidents that occur whilst driving at work or on behalf of work to their manager, as well as to any statutory or insurance bodies.
  6. be medically fit to drive.

To the right you will find Frequently Asked Questions, a Usage Policy and the Booking Form. If you would like to book the Nissan Leaf please complete the booking form and email to at least two days in advance.

Video and Tele Conferencing

The University has videoconferencing facilities available on campus for staff to use. There are four suites currently in place - Humanities Bridgeford Street, the Roscoe Building (both South Campus) and the Renold Building (North Campus). For more details visit Media Services.

For communication options for meetings; including conference calls, video conferencing and Microsoft Lync, see the document to the right. There is also guidance available on how to use social media such as Google Hangouts or Facetime.

Rail and Air Advance Bookings

Egencia is the University’s nominated travel supplier which offers a full Travel Management System. All advance business travel bookings should be made through this system. In addition to the sophisticated software systems, having the ability to capture all data in one place allows for improved reporting, identifying trends and reducing risk. As well as this, Egencia provides carbon reporting to support the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team

For air travel, academics from around the world have produced an FAQ with options and considerations for those wishing to reduce the number of flights they take. This can be viewed here.

Further Information on Business Travel

Visit business travel to find out details of all forms of business travel, including:

  • Public transport expense claims
  • Mileage rates; inluding those for cycling and car sharing
  • Car hire
  • Taxis

Changes to Oxford Road

Oxford Road is being transformed into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly boulevard which will also provide faster bus journeys which are more punctual and reliable.

Any drivers caught driving down through the Bus Gate on Oxford Road will incure a charge of £60. This includes any members of staff driving using the the University's Nissan Leaf pool car.

For more information about the changes to Oxford Road can be viewed here.

Nissan Leaf pool car

Free, supported video conferencing service for all students and staff