Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Sustainable Car Travel

Whilst staff and students are encouraged to seek more sustainable alternatives to car travel wherever possible, we are aware that in some circumstances, car travel is necessary. The University’s Sustainable Travel Plan actively encourages consideration of car use, promoting more flexible travel arrangements.

Car Sharing

Did you know around 70% of cars during the morning peak have only one occupant? Car sharing aims to make better use of all those empty seats.

The benefits of car sharing:
• Reduce your carbon footprint
• Save money on petrol and parking - the University offers a staff car share parking permit and online database (see below)
• Reduced stress – driving on congested roads can be stressful. Why not alleviate some of the pressure by riding as a passenger some of the time?

If you have to travel by car but could offer a colleague a lift (one day a week maybe?), please sign up to our Corridor partners car share database (please note: referred to as ‘HEP car share’ on the website and it is for staff only), which we share with Manchester Metropolitan University, Central Manchester NHS Trust and the Royal Northern College of Music, in order to increase chances of finding a match. You could halve your petrol costs and if you are looking for a lift then the database is there for you as well.

If you don’t want to sign up to a formal scheme, why not team up with a friend or work colleague?

Car Share Parking Permits

In addition, two or more University staff permit holders can be issued with a single 'Car Share' permit at a total cost of £240.00 per annum, deducted from salary at £20.00 per month from the main applicant.

Flexible Car Parking

The University also offers a flexible parking permit system which allows and encourages more occasional parking. For more detail on this and further detail on University car parking arrangements please visit car parks.

Low Emission Vehicle Scheme

This car parking tariff offers a reduction in the cost of staff parking permits for those that drive low emission vehicles emitting less than 110g/km of carbon dioxide. For full details of the scheme please visit the car parks webpage.

On Campus Smarter Driver Training

The Environmental Sustainability Team has successfully funded and delivered smarter driver training for University staff. This involves a 50 minute session under the tutorial of a qualified instructor (car provided), setting off from campus during office hours. Training results have shown an average 15% improvement in miles per gallon (MPG), which equates to an average of £200 fuel savings and 400kg reduction in CO2 per year. Sessions usually take place once a year across an entire week. If you are interested in taking part please send an email to or call x57686 and we'll add you to a waiting list for the next set of sessions.

Electric Vehicle Charging On Campus

The University currently has eight electric vehicle charging bays in Booth Street West multi-storey car park (car park D, four on the ground floor and four on the first floor). These are part of the GMEV network of over 200 charging points across Greater Manchester. For more information on the exact location and usage please visit the car parks webpage. The Cecil Street e-charging points are now set up on the Charge Your Car system. For general information on electric vehicles please visit the Go Ultra Low website provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

Changes to Oxford Road

Oxford Road is being transformed into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly boulevard which will also provide faster bus journeys which are more punctual and reliable.

From Monday 10, October Oxford Road will be changing, TfGM have introduced a Bus Gate from Hathersage Road. All general traffic must use alternative routes, rather than Oxford Road between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

Any drivers caught driving down through the Bus Gate on Oxford Road will incur a charge of £60. This includes any members of staff driving using the University's Nissan Leaf pool car.

For more information about the changes to Oxford Road can be viewed here.

Electric Charge Points Available on Campus