Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Furniture disposal and re-use/recycling

Disposal of unwanted furniture

Wherever possible, please re-use any furniture you need to dispose of using the following hierarchy:

  • Ask colleagues or your Head of School Admin to see if anyone else can use your unwanted furniture locally.
  • Speak to your Faculty Estate Team to see if they know of anyone else who might want to re-use it.
  • If the furniture cannot be re-used locally, please contact your Building Superintendent to arrange its removal. In instances where large items or amounts of furniture require removal, a contractor may need to employed in which case there will be a charge for this service.

The furniture store & obtaining used furniture

All unwanted furniture is now returned to the furniture store and items are available for staff to re-use free of charge*.

There is a wide range of furniture that is available, though this varies on a daily basis as items come into the store and/or are removed for re-use across the campus - watch the videos to the right to see how the recycling process works and what a member of staff thinks of the service.

Staff are now able to visit the furniture store on a daily basis (M - F) between 1 & 3pm. The contact at the store between 1 & 3pm is Alan Wright (tel: 07584 141009).

Items that are assessed at the furniture store as not being suitable for re-use will be disposed of to a local furniture re-use company Upmcr rather than sent for disposal

* we are now able to deliver the majority of items free of charge during the hours of 12 & 1pm Monday - Friday. Where large items or large numbers of items are involved, we will arrange for a quote from one of the University's removal contractors for delivery, but these costs must be picked up by the customer who will need to raise a Purchase Order for the contractor.