Personalised Student and Staff Timetables

Staff and students have personalised timetables through the Publish timetable app, which is also linked through their MyManchester account.

This information comes directly from Syllabus Plus (S+), the timetabling system, so will only be correct as long as the information in there is up-to-date.

Sync your calendar with your devices

You can link your calendar to Office 365 or another calendar app, add in extra meetings and appointments, and sync across your devices. It takes two minutes, and here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to the timetable app: https://timetables.manchester.ac.uk/
  2. Select the button in the top right of the screen. If you’re on a tablet, laptop or desktop, this will appear as a Subscribe button. If you’re using a smaller screen or a phone, this will be a download icon.
  3. Select one or more of the sync options, including Apple, Google, Outlook, Office365 and Yahoo, and follow the on-screen steps.

** Note: while a users Publish timetable updates in real time with changes made in the timetabling system, the calendar subscription is dependant on the individual calendar app settings. For example Google Calendar doesn't update in real time. **

A brief guide on using Publish is available here.

Group Level Timetables

You can view Group Level Programme of Study and Student Set timetables, if this functionality has been set up in S+ by your Faculty/School/Department.

We have produced a guide on Publishing Group Level (Programme of Study or Student Set) Timetables which details how to set these up in S+.

Producing individual grid timetables from S+

Timetabling staff in Faculties, Schools and Departments who have access to S+ can produce a grid timetable direct from that system for any object (Student Set, Staff, Location, Programme of Study, etc.).

We have produced a guide to talk you through how to do this, and also created an Individual Grid Timetable template to use in conjunction.

CTS Room Timetables

The CTS Room Viewing page allows you to view timetables for the centrally booked teaching and meeting rooms.

Should you have any queries about these rooms, the bookings in them or you wish to book them please contact the Central Teaching Spaces team.

Problems or queries?

Students and academic staff who have any problems or queries with their personalised timetables, group level timetables or class lists should raise these with their local Faculty/School/Department timetabling staff.

Faculty/School/Department timetabling staff can raise any issues with timetabling@manchester.ac.uk.