Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Part time staff and infrequent car park users

If you access the car parks a maximum of three times per week, it may be that the part-time pass we sell (commonly knowns as the "21-hit card") is more suitable for you.

This costs £26.25 and allows 21 entries to the car park. These are available for car parks A (Charles Street), D (Booth Street West multi-storey) and F (Dilworth Street).

21 hit cards are subject to a waiting list and the application process is exactly the same as for a full time permit – just let us know that it is a part-time and not a full-time permit you need. Once you have reached the top of the list you will be able to visit the Permit Office to purchase a pass. A maximum of seven cards is allowed per year.

Please note that payment for these passes is by card or cheque only as we cannot accept cash.