Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Residential & Sports Area (based in The Limes Building, Fallowfield)

Assistant Maintenance Services Manager
John Giblin
Tel: 67250
Mobile: 07770 228175

Residential and Sports Administrator
Michelle Maclure
Tel: 67251

Engineering Supervisor - Victoria Park Campus
Paul Clews
Tel: 67253
Mobile: 07770 262810

Electrical Supervisor - City Campus
Paul Clews
Tel: 67253
Mobile: 07770 262810

Building Supervisor - Fallowfield Campus
Barry Hollinshead
Tel: 52532
Mobile: 07899733008

Buildings (see accommodation map)

2. Allen Hall

3. Armitage Sports Centre & Firs Pavilion

4. Ashburne Hall, Behrens House, Uttley Hall & Sheavyn House

5. Bowden Court

7. Broomcroft Estate

8. Canterbury Court

9. Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre

11. Dalton-Ellis Hall - Graham Block, Sutherland, Eaglesfield, Sunnyside, Fiddes Block and Pankhurst Court

13. Grosvenor Place & Grosvenor Street Building

15. Horniman House

16. Hulme Hall-Oaklands, Christie, Greenwood, Plymouth, Birley, Houldsworth, Park House and Burkhardt House

19. Linton House

22. Oak House-Carrill, Squirells, Holly, Chestnut, Beech, Maple & Sycamore

25. Owens Park - Admin, Tower, Tree Court, Green Court, Little Court, Mall and Limes.

26. Richmond Park-Willow, Poplar, Amenities and The Firs Villa

27. Ronson Hall

28. St. Anselm Hall

29. St. Gabriels Hall and Woodthorpe

31. Vaughan House

33. Whitworth Park, Grove House, Aberdeen, Garstang, Dilworth, Derby, Burleigh, Acombe, Thorncliffe and Leamington Houses.

34. Woolton Hall - Ashley, Lindsay, Cavendish, Moreley, Spencer Bungalow

35. Wright Robinson Hall

Dane Road Boathouse

Jodrell Bank

University Catering Outlets