Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Confidential Waste

Confidential paper records

Documents containing confidential information must be shredded and not put in the office paper/blue bag recycling bins as these do not provide a sufficiently secure disposal route. If you do not already have access to an appropriate shredding machine or the University's confidential waste service, you are advised to consult with colleagues in the same building in the first instance as you may be able to share such facilities.

Only the approved supplier is authorised to provide shredding services and the current University supplier for ad hoc or scheduled shredding is Shred It. The University Account Manager at Shred It is Polly Lear (Account Manager) contactable at Please e-mail Polly direct for any queries rather than Shred It's Customer Service Centre.

In order to ensure your request is dealt with as quickly as possible please have the following information at hand so your account can be located:

  • Account Number - this should be an 8 digit number starting with a 1 (ignoring the first two numbers)
  • Building Number - this is the University building number as per the Campus Guide here
  • Purchase Order number

Further information can be found in the Buyers Guide on the University's supplier database GEM and in the Shred It brochure.‌

Shred It use industrial capacity shredding equipment in vehicles which are brought onto campus so that confidential material can be shredded on University premises, and staff are able to witness this process if required, and you can watch a video of the shredding process on the Youtube footage on the right hand side of the screen.

Confidential data on PC's, laptops or portable storage devices

Contact the I.T. Services Desk if you want to dispose of any device which has been used to hold confidential data. This includes PC's, laptops, removable hard drives, USB sticks, CD's, DVD's, floppy disks, video etc. Devices must be held securely until collected by I.T. Services.

CD's containing confidential information should not be placed into any of the CD recycling bins/containers on campus.

Confidential material - further information

Guidelines for the secure disposal of confidential information are available at Information Security and include

  • examples of confidential information
  • how to choose whether to use a shredding machine or on-site shredding service
  • features to consider when buying a shredding machine
  • the University approved supplier of shredding services
  • how to dispose of data held on PC's, CD's etc