Directorate of Estates and Facilities

How we manage waste

Over recent years, the University has invested significantly in the provision of recycliung facilities across the campus, both internally and externally and now manages over 60 waste streams, most of which are recycled or re-used.

Many recyclates are collected on a daily basis by the Campus Cleansing Unit, as illustrated in the video to the top right of this page. A local company, Elsa Recycling, collect the University's waste paper and cardboard.

The "general" or "residual" waste that is left over, is disposed of via a contract with Enterprise Manchester Partnership Ltd (which was acquired by Biffa waste Services in December 2017) which commenced in August 2013 and includes the collection of some recyclates such as cans, plastic bottles, wood, green waste and books.

One of the key aims of this contract is to maximise the amount of waste that is diverted away from landfill disposal. Enterprise Manchester therefore take all the University's general/residual waste to local waste treatment facilities operated by Viridor on behalf of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority so that over 90% of residual waste is diverted from landfill using Mechanical and Biological Treatment/Anaerobic Digestion (MBT/AD) technology. Watch a video of this process here.

The disposal routes for all the wastes collected under the contract with Enterprise Manchester are detailed in the attached Enterprise disposal register.