Room Booking

Due to the University's ongoing commitment to deliver its Campus Masterplan there is currently a high volume of construction work taking place across campus. Your understanding and patience during this period is greatly appreciated.

  • Please note, any requests or changes for teaching bookings should be made direct through your School Timetabler. If you are unsure please contact the team who will be happy to identify your contact.
  • To request central teaching rooms, as well as other School/Faculty controlled rooms across campus, please use the new Resource Booker tool.
  • To request a central meeting room in the Whitworth, John Owens or Sackville Street buildings for the 2020 calendar year please click here. Please note that a half hour gap must be left between bookings in the committee rooms in the Whitworth and John Owens buildings for housekeeping reasons, and as such we may need to contact you to rearrange your request if your request does not meet this criteria.

You can find out more information about our rooms, as well as see pictures of them, on our room catalogue.

If you want to book a room out of hours (at the evening or weekend) or you want to book a foyer or exhibition space such as the Whitworth Hall or Sackville Street Great Hall and Entrance Hall, please e-mail the Central Teaching Spaces team. You will be required to complete an out of hours/events checklist, which we will give you more information about.

If you wish to book space for a conference or commercial event please contact The Conferences and Venues Sales Team on 64100 (internal), 0161 306 4100 (external) or

If you have any other queries please e-mail the Central Teaching Spaces team or by telephone on 57305 (internal) or 0161 275 7305 (external).