Central Teaching Spaces

The Central Teaching Spaces team (formerly the Central Timetabling Unit) manage and book the central teaching and meeting rooms and other spaces at the University. These rooms are available to book for any University member of staff for any University related event.

You can view a full list of all our rooms or you can find out more information, including pictures, on our room catalogue.

There are two types of activity that the Central Teaching Spaces team would allocate rooms for - scheduled teaching activities such as lectures, seminar and workshops, or one-off bookings such as meetings, conferences and guest lectures.

Please note: we are unable to take booking requests from students. If you are a student who wishes to book a room on behalf of a student society, please contact the Student Activities office in the Student's Union, who will be able to make a booking on your behalf. If you are a student who wishes to book a room but not for a student society, please ask a member of University staff to take responsibility for the booking (e.g. your tutor or a member of your school admin staff) and book it on your behalf.

If you wish to book space for a conference or commercial event please contact The Conferences and Venues Sales Team on 64100 (internal), 0161 306 4100 (external) or conference@manchester.ac.uk.

A copy of the latest Risk Assessment for all our spaces can be found at the link below.