Simon Building - Wayfinding and Room Numbers

Central Teaching Spaces - Simon Building

As part of a scheme to simplify and improve the use of the Simon Building a Wayfinding pilot scheme is in place.

Information for Students and Staff

All lecture theatres retain a room name from A - E.

  • Theatres A-B are located in the block nearest the Zochonis building
  • Theatres C-E are located and are accessible via the opposite entrance behind the Vasio cafe.

All centrally booked teaching rooms within the building are designated by their actual room number.

The University Timetable reflects this room indexing system and the signage within the building directs all visitors in line with this.

Simon Building Users and Visitors Note

Temporary notices or signs can no longer be posted within the Simon Building - permanent changes to signage can be proposed to the Faculty Estates Team.

Please provide your feedback on the signage and how the building is accessed - this is a pilot scheme and adjustments and improvements to the scheme will be ongoing. Please send feedback to