Student Society Bookings - FAQs


Flat Lecture Room

Flat teaching rooms will in most cases have flexible, movable furniture, enabling you to set up the room for your session. The room will need returning to its original layout at the end of your session.

The lectern is available for use, using your university log-in credentials and will give you access to projection etc.

If you wish to connect a laptop, you will need to check that you have the correct cables and that you are familiar with using the lectern facilities.

If you have an additional requirement you will need to contact Media Services ahead of your session (note: there may be a charge for any supporting services or equipment).

Tiered Theatre (small / medium)

In the smaller theatres the same advice is given as above for flat rooms, but of course all the seating is fixed.

Advice for using the lectern is the same as for a flat room.

In smaller capacity theatres your attendance numbers will normally be accommodated in terms of the staff we have in the building.

It is important that you state how many people are attending in case additional staffing within the building is needed.

Tiered Theatre (Large)

In larger theatres, we will need to know how many people are attending and some additional information regarding the event.

As the AV equipment is more specialist and controlled from within secure AV booths / projection rooms, Media Services will most likely need to support your event and there is likely to be a charge.

Again, forward planning and seeking advice ahead of your event is really important and will give you the information you need around costs, available space and the checks that are needed.

Foyers & Communal Spaces

Some opens paces within buildings can be booked either separately or alongside other rooms. This is a more specialised request so planning is required as well as outlining your application early on so that any resources or support can be considered.

Out of Hours Spaces

Any bookings past 6pm classifies as “out of hours” when it comes to CTS spaces. Student Society events can use the flat spaces in University Space free of charge until 9pm, Mon-Fri. Should those rooms all be full, Samuel Alexander will provide further free flat space.

There are tiered spaces in both buildings that can be used out of hours too, but charges would apply for these bookings. Likewise, Roscoe building can also provide out of hours bookings, but the use of this space would also necessitate a charge.


The UMSU office and The University will assist where possible to ensure you have prepared for your session.

The safety and security of students and staff and the public is paramount at all times.

A member of your society (or event) will need to be in charge of your session. They will need to ensure that they know how to conduct the group and seek help in an emergency (such as evacuation, first aid or general welfare concern).

Out of hours the Campus Support & Security team are available (0161 306 9966).

The person on charge of your session will need to ensure:

  • They have made the group familiar with emergency exit points and alarm process
  • Considered the access and evacuation requirements of anyone attending
  • Have the contact numbers to alert staff in an emergency or if there is concern
  • Are aware of University policies around activities, speakers and publishing material from campus
  • Have discussed their event with the UMSU office and considered any risk assessment issues
  • That the venue and booked space is appropriate for the event taking place
  • That food safety is considered and any catering matters agreed beforehand via the UMSU office and the University


University Place has been designated as a supported out of hours building where Student Societies can use flat spaces free of charge, Monday-Friday until 9pm. Should the Uni Place spaces be full, Samuel Alexander flat rooms can be used as “spill over” space.

If your event is larger and requires the use of a Tiered Lecture Theatre, and/or more advanced AV equipment (advanced projection, PA etc.) then there is likely to be a charge – this is an at cost charge for any staff or equipment that may be required to support your event.

Any weekend bookings will also involve charges for staffing.

Not every event is the same so checking ahead to see if your event can be accommodated or of there are any charges is highly recommended


In the first instance your initial enquiry should be with the (UMSU) Student’s Union office. They will offer initial advice and also check the eligibility of the booking.

Once the UMSU office have contacted CTS to make a provisional booking, you may be asked to help complete a booking checklist that is then used to ensure the event can be supported.

You will need to outline in some detail the type of event you will be holding and this must be completed and submitted to Estates at least 2 weeks beforehand (but preferably before that).

It’s really important that the information you give is accurate. This will include numbers, duration, type of event, attendees, food, music etc.


There are various things to consider.

During the week and daytime, teaching has a priority but students can also book rooms that may be free across campus.

For evening events, making a request well in advance is likely to get you a slot that works for you.

The demand for spaces also means that you may need to be flexible on the day or date that is being requested.

As part of the University’s net-zero strategy on carbon, we aim to reduce the number of buildings operating out of hours. This also allows us to focus out of hours staff resource into one location.

Therefore we aim to focus bookings into this location for a variety of reasons. However, all applications will be considered and for extra-ordinary events other arrangements may be available.


Media Services

Advice on bookings and use of media equipment

Central Teaching Spaces

Key contacts, room catalogue and room availability (daytime bookings)

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