Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Staff parking

University staff are eligible to apply for permits for car parks A, B, D, E or F (Charles Street, Aquatics, Booth Street West, Cecil Street and Dilworth Street).

There is a waiting list for permits at all of these except Charles Street, where spaces are immediately available. The waiting list can be up to 12 months, depending upon demand.

The prices for staff parking permits are:

Current (From 1st Feb 2017)

Pay grade 1: £151.50 per year (£12.63 per month)

Pay grade 2: £151.50 per year (£12.63 per month)

Pay grade 3: £171.70 per year (£14.31 per month)

Pay grade 4: £171.70 per year (£14.31 per month)

Pay grade 5: £200 per year (£16.67 per month)

Pay grade 6: £242.40 per year (£20.20 per month)

Pay grade 7: £292.90 per year (£24.41 per month)

Pay grade 8: £343.40 per year (£28.62 per month)

Pay grade 9: £404.00 per year (£33.67 per month)

These charges are deducted directly from your salary each month.

How to apply

Email and ask to be placed on the waiting list for car park B, D, E or F.

Alternatively visit the permit office with your staff ID card to have it activated for access to Charles Street car park (Car Park A). There is no waiting list for permits here at present.

Part time staff and infrequent car park users

If you access the car parks a maximum of three times per week, it may be that the part-time pass we sell ("pay as you go" pass) is more suitable for you.

This costs £26.50 and allows 21 entries to the car park. These are available for car parks A (Charles Street), D (Booth Street West multi-storey) , F (Dilworth Street) and E (Cecil Street)

21 hit cards are subject to a waiting list and the application process is exactly the same as for full time permits – just let us know that it is a part-time and not a full-time permit you need. Once you have reached the top of the list you will be able to visit the Permit Office to purchase a pass. A maximum of seven cards is allowed per year.

Please note that payment for these passes is by card or cheque only as we cannot accept cash.