Building Access

A networked swipe-card and proximity card access control system is used across campus to allow Staff and Postgraduate Research personnel access to buildings and laboratories out of the University’s normal working hours.

The system also allows for restrictive access to laboratories and more secure areas during the working day which encapsulate our Duty of Care to all staff and students in making it a safer environment to work in. Postgraduate Research personnel still need a permit to work from their Head of Department or representative to grant this right.

Postgraduate Taught and Undergraduates use the building facilities during normal working hours and may also use the facilities out of hours if a work permit is granted by the Head of Department or School.

Conditions of Issue

  • The card is issued as a means of identification, as an access card for the University facilities (subject to access rights) and as an access card to the Library services.
  • You must not lend your card to anyone to allow them to gain unauthorised access to University facilities.
  • You must take all reasonable care to prevent your card being damaged, lost, stolen or misused.
  • Access cards are issued at Student Registration for students and at the start of Employment for new staff members by HR Services.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Must be reported to the Security Office or the Access Control Manager as soon as possible: Tel: 0161 3069966 or via email

To replace a lost or stolen card you may be asked to pay a charge to cover part of the costs of making a replacement.

Access Problems

Card Access Faults

Cards which are damaged or faulty will be replaced by Student Services or the HR Services on request. Any other problems with Access Cards with should be reported to the Access Control Manager by email. Card problems may include no access being granted to building(s) or room(s) when the card is used. If appropriate an appointment can be made with the Access Control Manager to resolve the problem.

Contact Details: Card Access

Access Control Manager

For building access requests please email Access Control

Door Access Faults

All faults must be reported via Directorate helpdesk

Contact Details: Building Access

Telephone number: 52424, 8:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday

Calls outside of these times are forwarded to Security Services, direct telephone number: 69966