CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is managed from two main control rooms, in the Precinct Centre beneath the Harold Hankins building and at the Fallowfield Campus. All security staff are fully trained in the use of CCTV and follow the national surveillance camera code of practice and the 1998 Data Protection act.

Staff in the Control room carry out CCTV patrols of all the campuses in conjunction with our patrols on the ground to provide a safe and secure environment for all our staff, student and visitors.CCTV also helps us monitor any incidents that may occur and to protect all property within the university.

We also work closely with Greater Manchester Police providing them with help when requested.

Complaints concerning the use of CCTV at the University of Manchester should be directed to the Precinct Control Room on tel 0161 306 9966 or security

Body Worn Camera Information

The University of Manchester Security Services have introduced body worn cameras for use by their staff who have all been trained to use the cameras and who must follow a procedure that has been developed to ensure they are used appropriately at all times.

The use of the cameras will bring many benefits and include the following:

  • Allow the recording of incidents or crimes where it is essential that video footage is obtained;
  • Increase student/staff reassurance;
  • Reduce the fear of crime on campus;
  • Increase early guilty pleas if the police prosecute any offenders;
  • Resolve any complaints about security staff or other University personnel more quickly;
  • Reduce assaults on security officers;
  • Enable the recording of incidents in real time e.g. serious Health and Safety breaches;
  • Help with the future training of security staff.