Crime Reduction Advisor Services

The Crime Reduction Advisor (CRA) is responsible for the provision of security advice and guidance to students and colleagues in various University departments. The CRA monitors crime on the University campus and formulates initiatives to prevent and respond to offences.

The CRA provides the following services:

  • Cycle Registration Scheme.
  • Subsidised Lock Initiative.
  • Property Security scheme.
  • ‘Now you see it’ awareness campaign.
  • Crime Awareness Inputs/Events.
  • Monitoring crime patterns.
  • Advise students/staff of increase in particular crime types.
  • Provide up to date news in relation to crime.
  • Liaison for Project Managers on both new build and refurbishment projects.
  • Maintain the Crime Reduction web site.
  • Update the Crime Reduction Facebook site.
  • Liaison with the Police.