Access and parking for contractors

Due to the scale of construction work on campus, a code of practice is in place to cover the arrangements for vehicle access and parking.

An extract from the current Contractors Code of Conduct, relating to parking, is in force as follows:

  • No private vehicles are allowed on site. Contractors' employees (including management and sub-contractors) arriving by car must park on one of the University's car parks and pay the applicable fee, or find alternative parking off campus.
  • Contractors' vans shall be permitted onto site following prior agreement with the Car Parking office and shall park in designated areas. Contractor parking is not allowed in the Front or Rear Quadrangles. Additional arrangements should be made to allow for loading / unloading of equipment in non designated parking areas.
  • Deliveries will be allowed access to the site, but are to depart immediately after any unloading has been completed.
  • No vehicle, plant or materials shall block any access / egress route at any time.
  • Where projects have a designated site compound access will be given for the Site Manager and one other vehicle (van). These vehicles are to park within the compound area.
  • The University operates a zero tolerance policy towards abuse and aggression. Any instances of abusive or threatening behaviour towards the attendants will result in refusal of entry and an official report of the abusive conduct to the Contractor's Head Office.
  • It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to inform the Car Parks team of any projects to be undertaken that will involve access through any of the University’s barriers or the use of any internal roads or car parks. Where disputes arise over parking issues the contractor must contact the Project Manager in the first instance.

Further guidance is available from the Campus Parking Manager who is contactable on 0161 275 2228.