How to book parking for invited visitors

If you are a staff member inviting a visitor (or visitors) to the University for a meeting, lecture or other event, you can organise parking for them by making arrangements with the Permit Office in advance.

*NB* Please note that this service is available to University staff only. Please see our main page for information on car parks open to the public.


From 1 September 2023, prices and availability will be as follows:

  • Gatehouse / North Campus parking area(s): £8.50
    (Limited to maximum 20 spaces, first come first served)
  • Charles Street (Car Park A): £8.50
  • Booth Street West (Car Park D):£8.50
  • Dilworth Street (Car Park F): 8.50
    (Limited to maximum 25 spaces, first come first served)
  • Cecil Street (Car Park E): £8.50

Terms and conditions of booking (PDF).

Booking procedure:

Download a copy of the booking form (see link on the right) and email the completed form to as an attachment. Any bookings received are subject to the University's terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with these conditions before booking.

Please ensure that you give at least one working day's notice. Any late / last minute bookings will not be accommodated.

Instructions for visitors to Charles Street (Car Park A) (Please visit the Gatehouse on Sackville Street) , Booth Street West (Car Park D) and Cecil Street (Car Park E)

Visitors should take a paper ticket upon entry to the car park. Before returning to their car at the end of their visit, they should visit the attendants' lodge and give their name and ticket to the attendant. The attendant will verify that the visitor has a reserved space, and validate the ticket for free exit.

Instructions for visitors to any/all other areas

Upon arrival at the car park entrance barrier, the visitor should press the intercom button and clearly state their name and organisation (or, if applicable, the event they are attending). The attendant will then verify that the visitor has a reserved space, and then lift the barrier to allow entry.

Disabled visitors

If you are reserving a parking space for a visitor who is disabled, please follow the normal procedure, but state that the visitor holds a blue badge. We will then arrange a suitable parking space and waive the visitor parking fee.