Directorate of Estates and Facilities

Permit Parking (other)

If you work at the University but are not on the University payroll, you may still be eligible to apply for a parking permit. Eligible categories of staff include:

  • Agency staff
  • Staff working for wholly-owned subsidiary companies of the University
  • NHS staff based at the University campus or at the Dental Hospital
  • Staff working for external organisations based at University premises
    (This is not an exhaustive list)

Postgraduate students are also eligible.

There is a waiting list for spaces at car parks B, D and E, with Charles Street (Car Park A) having spaces immediately available.
The price of the permit largely depends on the nature of your employment status and/or your relationship to the University.

For further details or to make an application, please contact the permit office on

Please note that all permit fees are payable in person at the Permit Office, using a credit or debit card (cheque is also acceptable at present). Fees are payable in advance (minimum is 1 month’s parking). Unfortunately we are not able to offer payment by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

Undergraduate Students

No permits are issued to undergraduate students, except in cases where students are disabled and referred to us via the Disability Advisory and Support Service.