Bicycle parking facilities:

Sheffield stands

  • Stands are provided across campus to which bicycles may be secured.
  • Under no circumstances should any bicycle/motorcycle obstruct walkways, disabled access points or emergency exits.
  • All cycles parked at the owner’s risk.

Secure cycle shelters

  • There are nine shelters around campus, accessible to staff and postgraduate students to use.
  • To obtain access, please attend the permit office with your ID card.
  • Terms of use:
    • Please ensure you close the door and do not hold the door open for others. Thieves often gain access by tailgating legitimate users.
    • The cycle shelters are for use during periods of work/study at the University ONLY and should NOT be used for long-term storage of bicycles or locks e.g. during holidays, sabbaticals etc.
    • Any bicycle or lock left in a shelter for an extended period of time (more than 4 weeks) may be removed and donated to charity under the provisions of the policy for dealing with abandoned bikes.
    • The University will not accept liability for any loss or damage to bicycles or locks removed under the terms of this policy.

Security of your bicycle while on campus

  • We recommend always using a good quality D-lock to secure your bike.
  • Discounted D-locks are available for staff and students by registering your bike on the University’s cycle registration scheme.

Abandoned Bicycles

Abandoned bikes take up valuable bike parking space across campus. With many locations operating at capacity effective management is important to maintain access and support and encourage cycling.

The Abandoned Bikes Policy aims to reduce the number of abandoned bikes by providing a consistent approach to tagging, removing and disposing:

  • Sweeps will be undertaken four times per year.
  • Abandoned bikes will be tagged with a notice explaining the bike will be taken away in three weeks if not removed by the owner.
  • Bike locks will be tagged with a notice and cut off after four weeks if not removed by the owner.
  • Abandoned bikes will be collected and stored for three months to allow adequate time for owners to come forward.
  • If no claim of ownership is received within three months bikes will be donated to a registered charity.

Please direct all abandoned bike enquiries to

Information on abandoned bike charity use can be found at: