"Bin the bin"

The majority of the University (over 98%) has implemented a recycling scheme known as 'bin the bin'.

Within the University’s Carbon Management Plan there are a number of commitments relating to waste management that focus on reductions in waste, combined with the provision of increased recycling facilities. One of these commitments is that the University will implement “bin the bin” schemes across the whole campus. This commitment is mirrored in the University’s draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Sustainable Waste Plan.

The idea of the "bin the bin" initiative is that the Directorate of Estates & Facilities provides recycling facilities in the workplace but then staff are required to give up their individual waste/desk bins and take their waste to a nearby recycling point where they can segregate their waste into different waste streams to maximise the amount that is recycled.

Recycling points include separate bins for plastic bottles, cans, glass (where possible) and general (non-recyclable) waste. This is in addition to the paper recycling boxes which should already be in every office. Staff may have to walk to their nearest recycling point once or twice a day but this can easily be incorporated into their existing work routine. Staff can also have a small container on their desk for their waste but are required to empty this themselves at the nearest recycling point.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage people to think about the amount of waste they produce, as well as increasing the amount that is recycled. This is an idea that other Universities have adopted across their entire institution, with a corresponding increase in recycling.

The University needs to take a more sustainable approach to waste management in order to reduce its impact on the environment and by adopting the 'Bin the bin' scheme staff can lead the way in this area.

For further information see the "useful information" box, and to implement a scheme please contact the University Waste Co-ordinator on x65963 or simon.atkinson@manchester.ac.uk