Confidential Waste

Disposal of data in paper records (shredding)

The University’s confidential paper shredding and disposal service is now provided by Restore Datashred.

The Restore service is provided through a centrally managed contract rather than through individual local contracts as was previously the case, so any member of staff can use any Restore console to dispose of confidential paper.

Please use Restore shredding consoles to dispose of confidential paper in preference to individual shredders.

If your area does not have access to a convenient Restore console please contact the Information Governance Office (IGO) via email to to arrange to have a console delivered.

If you require a one off collection of material to be shredded, or have any other questions relating to the shredding service please contact the IGO via email to or telephone x57789.

Please note that the “blue bag” collection by Estates and Facilities does NOT provide a secure disposal route for confidential waste.

Confidential data on PC's, laptops or portable storage devices

Contact the I.T. Services Desk if you want to dispose of any device which has been used to hold confidential data. This includes PC's, laptops, removable hard drives, USB sticks, CD's, DVD's, floppy disks, video etc. Devices must be held securely until collected by I.T. Services.

CD's containing confidential information should not be placed into any of the CD recycling bins/containers on campus.

Confidential material - further information

Further guidelines on the disposal of personal data is available here