Furniture disposal and re-use/recycling

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You can know view what furniture we have in the store by using the following link -

Click on the "i" icon for details of particular items, scan the image by dragging left or right, or zoom in using your mouse wheel.

This is the stock we had in as of 10th July

Chairs for home working (as of 17/12/21)

Please note that due to very high demand for chairs we are no longer able to provide free refurbished chairs to postgraduates - we can only provide these to memebrs of university staff who are working from home, either full time or part time.

Opening of the furniture store & Covid-19 protocols

The furniture store is currently 12 - 3pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are a member of staff or student there is no need to make an appointment on these days but please bring your staff/student card as ID.

The contact number at the store during opening hoursis 07584 141009. Outside of these hours please contact the Furniture Store Supervisor Peter Liddell at or on 07920 283526.

Charities/external organisations wishing to visit should e-mail to arrange to visit the store unless you are regular visitors/are already known to the staff.

Please check this web-page for future opening times as these are subject to change due to current cicumstances.

Furniture for homeworking

We have a variety of office furniture that is available for staff to use for homeworking at no cost. Please note that whilst staff can take furniture to use for home working, we are unable to deliver to home addresses so furniture will have to be collected from the store on opening days (see above), or alternative collection arrangements made.

The items avaialable include:

100 x 80cm cantilever desks*

120 x 80cm cantilever desks*

140 x 80cm cantilever desks

task/swivel office chairs with/without arms*

* the above items are relatively light and will fit into most cars if rear seats are put down.

Disposal of unwanted furniture (University Staff)

Wherever possible, please re-use any furniture you need to dispose of using the following hierarchy:

  • Ask colleagues or your Head of School Admin to see if anyone else can use your unwanted furniture locally.
  • Speak to your Faculty Estate Team to see if they know of anyone else who might want to re-use it.
  • If the furniture cannot be re-used locally, please contact your Building Superintendent to arrange its removal. In instances where large items or amounts of furniture require removal, a contractor may need to employed in which case there will be a charge for this service.

The furniture store & obtaining used furniture

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document bottom right of this page for further details.

All unwanted furniture is now returned to the furniture store and items are available for staff to re-use free of charge*.

There is a wide range of furniture that is available, though this varies on a daily basis as items come into the store and/or are removed for re-use across the campus - watch the videos to the right to see how the recycling process works and what a member of staff thinks of the service.

Items that are assessed at the furniture store as not being suitable for re-use will be disposed of to a local furniture re-use company Upmcr rather than sent for disposal

* some refurbished chairs and desks are available for which we only recharge the costs we have incurred - see the FAQ document

we are now able to deliver the majority of items on campus free of charge. Where very large items or large numbers of items are involved, you will need to arrange removal via one of the University's removal contractors and are responsible for any costs involved.