Disposal of fridges and freezers

Most waste fridges and freezers will be classified as hazardous waste due to their CFC content. It is therefore essential that these are disposed of correctly in order to comply with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005

When you are replacing an item with a similar item please ask the supplier to take away the old item.

If this is not possible and you need to dispose of an item, please e-mail janet.shippen@manchester.ac.uk who will provide a fridge/freezer collection note and arrange subsequent collection/disposal. Please contact 0161 306 5965 for any assistance in this.

All fridges/freezers need to be accompanied by a decontamination certificate before they can be collected by the Campus Cleansing Unit (CCU), even if they have not been used in a lab. This includes fridges/freezers that have been used in staff kitchens. All items must have been emptied of all contents and cleaned before they can be disposed of.

Most fridges/freezers are collected by CCU and stored securely at the Environmental Services Depot prior to collection by external contractors (see below). See here for a video of the recycling process.

Large items such as -80 freezers and chest freezers may be too large for Campus Cleansing to remove, in which case a direct collection via external contractors needs to be arranged. In these instances please contact simon.atkinson@manchester.ac.uk to make arrangements – you will need to provide technical details of the item/s as well as a photo and the weight of the item.

Disposal costs

Our waste fridges and freezers are collected by Stone Group who currently offer a free collection service for domestic type/sized items. As such there are no collection/disposal costs for these items at present. However, Stone Group no longer take items such as incubators and centrifuges and larger/non domestic fridges/freezers. Alernative contractors will need to be used for the collection of these items, and charges will be incurred depending on the item. For such items please contact simon.atkinson@manchester.ac.uk who can provide details of suitable contractors.