MECD Waste Management Strategy

All waste and recycling from Buildings A and B as well as the York Street Building is taken to a purpose built compound within the York Street Building managed by the House Services Team within the Directorate of Estates and Facilities.

The compound houses a waste compactor (see picture to right of page) operated by trained staff that takes 5/6 tonnes of general (non-recyclable) waste at a time. This significantly reduces the amount of waste collections that are required from the building, reducing associated vehicle movements from 5 times per week to once every 4 – 6 weeks.

The compound also houses a cardboard baler and a number of recycling bunkers (also pictured right) to allow for full segregation of waste/recycling streams, prior to collection by the Campus Cleansing Unit.

Separate facilities/processes are in place for the collection of glass, clinical/contaminated waste, as well as offensive/tiger waste.

Food waste caddies are located in all staff kitchens and food outlets across the MECD Buildings allowing the separate collection of food waste – see here for further details.

Full details of the waste arrangements for MECD are in the Waste Strategy in the "Useful documents" box.