TerraCycle recycling scheme

What is TerraCycle?

TerraCycle offers free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. Collection points can be set up to encourage more people at the University to recycle, with collections ranging from crisp packets, to oral hygiene products and contact lenses.

Each individual/group taking ownership for a University collection point is responsible for emptying their bin and taking the waste to a registered TerraCycle colelction point or posting its contents back to TerraCycle. Once the recyclables have been received, senders are then able to accumulate reward points from TerraCycle which can be used to donate to a selection of charities.

Existing TerraCycle Recycling Locations

The Want not Waste Shop in the Academy - please see here for a list of the current Terracycle schemes run by the Want not Waste shop in the Academy as well as their current opening times here.

The poster to the right also details the current schemes.

The Students’ Union

There are collection points across the Union for:

The Atrium, University Place

The reception in The Atrium is a collection point for:

Williamson Building

Williamson Building Post Room and the Earth Support Office each have a collection point for:

Note: before taking your waste to the collection locations, please click on the link to check what items are accepted for that particular waste stream.

How to set up a TerraCycle recycling point in your building

  1. Ask your colleagues & students if they are interested in one of the Free Recycling Programmes offered by TerraCycle, and if they will use it
  2. Find an appropriate location in a staff kitchen/common room or similar to set up a colelction point - it is advisable to check with your school Admin/Faculty Estate Team to ensure the location is suitable
  3. Create an account on the TerraCycle website
  4. Create a collection box and label it clearly to state what can and can't go in
  5. Let the Environmental Sustainability Team (es@manchester.ac.uk) know who the key contact is, where the point is and who is able to access it so details can be added to this webpage
  6. Advertise the location of your bin in your building
  7. Let your local cleaner/House Services know about the collection point so they don't empty the bin by mistake
  8. When full, take the contents to a designated public drop off location as specified on the Terracycle Website, or post it to TerraCycle

Note: when you set up a TerraCycle drop off box, you are responsible for emptying its contents, not your building's Cleaning Staff.