Cleaning Provision

House Services In-House Cleaning

House Services provide the delivery of an internal building cleaning service within approximately 80 academic and administrative buildings within University premises. The service covers all non-residential buildings from Sackville Street along and including Oxford Road,and off site buildings at Jodrell Bank, Broomcroft, The Firs, WMIC and Dalton Cumbria. Residences are not included within the remit of House Services, but managed by Directorate of Student Experience.

House Services employ approximately 400 staff on various shift patterns to ensure the cleaning of all areas are carried out with minimum disruption to the occupants. Staffing comprises of in-house staff along with a number of agency staff from the local community who have been employed to support the University Social Responsibility agenda.

House Services provide a service that is highly responsive to customer needs with the ever changing requirement and supports the University in enhancing the Student Experience. All Staff are trained or working towards NVQ2 in Building Cleaning Support and the output standards are specified within the Service Standards Statement a copy of which is available on Useful Links.

Each Building has a cleaning supervisor in the way of a Deputy Building Superintendent who is responsible for auditing the standards within each building on a daily basis. Any cleaning issues should be directed to the Deputy Building Superintendent as indicated on the contact list. Should the Deputy Building Superintendent be unavailable please contact the relevant Building Superintendent.

To ensure we have an effective response to Customer needs the campus is split into two area's which are clearly defined on the contact list.

Area 1 - Angela Chant tel 64994- short code 7764994 e-mail

Area 2 - Frank Green tel 52238 short code 7752238 e-mail

Contractor Cleaning

At present there are two contract cleaning companies working on campus, predominantly on North campus and a number of buildings on the Oxford Road site. The contractors work to the same Service Standard Statement House Services. The contractors are are supported by internal Building Attendants who provide cleaning, portering and postal services.

The contractors are:

  • Bullough's Cleaning Services Ltd
  • ISS Cleaning Facilities

Special Cleans

Over and above the regular cleaning, House Services are able to provide or arrange special cleaning. This may be a requirement for a bespoke service such as:

  • Clean laboratories.
  • Customers additional requirements above and beyond the Service Level Agreement.
  • After an emergency or unexpected incident.
  • Industrial carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Additional deep clean
  • Workshops

Any clean that is above the Service Standards Statement may incur a cost. For further details please contact:

Angela Chant or Frank Green whose contact details are above.