Pest Control

If you find evidence of pests inside a building you should report it by ringing the House Services office on 52606.

House Services employ professional pest control contractors on a reactive basis with the pest control contractors collecting work instructions each Monday.

Routine infestations will be dealt with during the following 7 days and more urgent matters dealt with by special visits by the contractor on an emergency call-out basis, but at substantial extra cost to the contract.

Please discuss any matter with the House Services office. Please bear in mind that many infestations require multiple visits to eradicate, and most pests can never be completely removed, e.g. cockroaches and rats.

There is much we can all do to prevent infestation. All pests are attracted by food of some description, usually this is provided by their human hosts!

To help us help you, the following advice should be adhered to:

• Please do not leave food in your work area

• Please do not leave crumbs on the floor or at your work space

• Please dispose of food and packaging promptly

• Please keep food preparation areas clean

• Please do not encourage pests, eg feeding squirrels / pigeon