Out of Hours Events

Out of Hours Definition

The use of a University Building outside the core working day which is 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays are all considered ‘Out of Hours’. For clarity, scheduled teaching outside core hours with an accredited course code is not considered to be an event.

Definition of an Event

In the University environment it is difficult to be specific regarding the definition of an event as ‘events’ can be many and varied in their content and may also be small or large gatherings.

For the purpose of this document an event is broadly defined as the use of any University Building which is not directly related to University Research or scheduled Teaching (with an accredited course code). For clarity, student society meetings, social activities undertaken by internal stakeholders and bookings by external organizations will all be considered to be an event. No matter how large or small the event, it is vitally important that each event is considered separately and that each event has appropriate arrangements in place.

Events may be undertaken within University buildings or University grounds or open spaces. Wherever the undertaking is located the University of Manchester recognizes its management responsibilities for the risks and hazards associated with each event.

Events In External Spaces

Enquiries for events in external spaces should be referred to the PSS Faculty Estates Team

The core buildings for staging ‘Out of Hours’ events are;

Roscoe Building inluding the foyer

Renold Building including foyers on floors B, C & the Concourse Area

University Place including the ground floor foyer

Samuel Alexander Building including the Classics Foyer

Alan Turing Building including the foyer

Ellen Wilkinson Building

The following buildings are also available, subject to agreement with the appropriate Events Co-ordinator

Chemistry Building

Martin Harris Building

Whitworth Hall

Sackville Street Building (examinations only)

In addition, the University Fire Office has also approved the use of the following building foyer areas for daytime events, gathering’s and receptions etc.

Samuel Alexander Building - Classics Foyer

Humanities Bridgeford Street

Roscoe Building

University Place

Alan Turing Building

Renold Building – Floors B, C & the Concourse Area

Martin Harris Building

Harold Hankins Building

Bookings for the above areas can be made via the Central Teaching Space Unit and each booking will require completion of a Booking Checklist.