Disposal of Infectious Biological (Clinical) Waste

House Services procure and manage the University Clinical Waste Contract. There are how ever specific respo0nsibilities for House Services and for the producers of "clinical waste".

House Services responsibilities:

  • procurement of the clinical waste contract
  • arranging for correct sizes of bins to be delivered and collected at appropriate times. For additional bins please contact your building supervisor.
  • to audit the disposal route of the waste
  • to monitor the amount of clinical waste being disposed of

Producer responsibilities:

  • ensure waste is correctly bagged
  • ensure that all sharps are place in sharps boxes and not loose in bags
  • all bags to be labelled appropriately to the area of production
  • correct segregation is followed
  • waste consignment notes are completed and passed to House Services with the bins

The policy on the Safe Disposal of Clinical Waste can be found on the "Useful Docs" panel