House Services provide support to the Examinations Office by setting up examination rooms, delivering and collecting examination scripts and assisting invigilators throughout the examination period.

Setting up exam rooms.

Before the exams begin House Services ensure that all rooms are fit for purpose. This includes checking the fabrication of the room and ensuring all fixtures and fittings are in good working order. One of the essentials are to ensure there is an accurate working clock in each room during the course of an examination. It is common practice to utilize Central Teaching Rooms for examinations but due to the nature of set up and numbers of places required it is sometimes essential to replace existing furniture with single exam desks. House Service replace the furniture and then mark up each place with a numbering system for seating arrangements as instructed by the Examinations Office.

House Services place all blank scripts and identification tags on each desk, all rooms are opened and closed at the request of the invigilators and are present to ensure all needs are accommodated to ensure the exams take place without disruption.

Delivering and collecting examination scripts.

Once an examination is completed House Services take control of all scripts and transport them to the relevant office for recording and processing purposes. Once this has been completed House Services then deliver the scripts around the various Schools on campus for marking.

Assisting Invigilators.

House Service staff have knowledge of all aspects of all building and are on hand to assist invigilator's or students who may not be familiar with building or room locations. House Services are present to provide assistance or information where required.